Workation: Here comes work and holiday

, Workation: Here comes work and holiday
ToffeeTribe Workations

ToffeeTribe offers its members exciting days away from their usual workstations to de-stress while working remotely. As told by one of our attendees during our last workation here are some takers.

What are the selling points to join the Workation?
This is a great way to meet fellow professionals and network, have lots of fun exploring different activities, and who doesn’t want a little change from the monotony of working in the same place for a

, Workation: Here comes work and holiday

How do you manage your time while on the Workation?
Stick to your routine.

However, on a workation there is a beautiful clash between the activities you want to be part of and the work you need to get done. Finding this balance is crucial.

How do you manage to focus on work during the workation?
If you already work remotely, chances are you already have the discipline to get work done and meet deadlines. The workation offers a new environment and a few more activities. Work still gets done.

What happens in case you have a meeting during a group event?
ToffeeTribe accommodates everyone’s schedule but it’s a reality that not everyone will be a part of all the activities.ToffeeTribe offers options so that members can choose what fits their schedule.

, Workation: Here comes work and holiday
ToffeeTribe Kilifi Workation

Do you have to know the members to join the Workation?
Nope. Most of the time, they are all newbies. Sometimes, there have been returnees that have to meet each other before. It’s a growing tribe.

What’s the demography of the attendees?
It’s mainly remote professionals who love to have fun while working.
There you have it.
Look out for details on our Workation happening in Sep and grab yourself a ticket.

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