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ToffeeTribe Launches To Transform Restaurants Into Co-working Spaces

ToffeeTribe, a new Nairobi-based membership community has launched to transform underutilized spaces in restaurants to provide affordable coworking spaces to freelancers, remote workers…

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ToffeeTribe: a community oriented startup supporting remote workers in Nairobi

Freelance workers constitute a growing slice of the labour force. Used to independent and flexible work, they have always been the number one customers of coworking spaces…

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Toffee Tribe: Turning restaurants into co-working spaces

Toffee Tribe is the brainchild of Nginda Ngang’a and Karambu Mathai who saw an opportunity to provide affordable, pleasant working spaces to the growing number of remote workers and freelancers..

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Remote Working with The Toffee Tribe Co-Founder Nginda Nganga

Let’s talk all things remote work and co-working spaces in Nairobi with Nginda Nganga, co-founder at ToffeeTribe

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