How and why did you start working remotely?

I started working remotely about a year before the COVID19 travel restrictions. I enjoyed doing my work in multiple coffee shop spots. And I wasn’t ready to have daily office attendance schedules. So, when the regulations began, I was already adapted to doing things remotely.

What are the biggest benefits of working remotely?

The most significant benefits depend on the work you are doing remotely.
For example, the Freedom to regularly change environments/scenery/location is one of the main benefits of working remotely. It gives me rejuvenation every time, I love to work surrounded by nature and greens, and my brain functions fantastic when I am working remotely with a view of nature, i.e., trees, water, and green spaces.
Networking with other professionals increases exposure and opportunity for yourself. And therefore, it is easily one of the enormous benefits of working remotely.

, Remote Work Cafe – With Mohammed Dirie

What are the greatest challenges to working remotely?

Remote work may not be suitable for many jobs. If you enjoy remote work but have a job that is not remote-friendly, then you’ll find this work form a bit challenging. Hands-on work people find this not too appealing sometimes. Also, Supervising a project from afar could also come with its challenges.


What apps or websites can’t you work remotely without?

It depends on your line of work. For me, these are my everyday apps/sites. – Obvious reasons – All design works
PowerDirector Mobile – Quick Video editor
Google Drive – For everything documents

, Remote Work Cafe – With Mohammed Dirie

What does your remote company do?

My primary work relates to communications for development/project development for Non-Governmental organizations. All documentations of project developments are remote-friendly.

My passion is that I am working to make my full-time job is about gems and jewelry.
I am a Certified Gemologist and jewelry professional. I am the founder of JEWELPAPER, a new online magazine dedicated to all things jewelry.
You can visit it here:

I am also co-founder of a lifestyle website with an average of 300,000 visitors a month. It is written in the Somali language. Check it out from here:

How do you stay physically active while working remotely?

I believe This line of work gives you the freedom to stay active and pursue a healthy lifestyle. The only obstacle to achieving this will always come down to time management; get it right, and you will always have time to hit the gym or do any other physical exercise.

Remote work is liberating, and it’s my newfound lifestyle.

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