We are finally here! Welcome to ToffeeTribe 😊

It’s been an incredible journey for us and the entire team of supportive people we’ve had the privilege to work on creating awesome unconventional coworking spaces in Nairobi.

So, what is ToffeeTribe?

ToffeeTribe provides affordable coworking spaces in restaurants and cafes located within Nairobi. We have partnered with restaurants to utilize their unused spaces during the day.

We offer workspaces to freelancers, remote workers, creatives, entrepreneurs, startups and folks who need to work away from home or office once in a while… which is highly recommended by Oprah… haha just kidding😉

Who is ToffeeTribe?

ToffeeTribe is you!

It was founded by two friends who cowork in restaurants and had to move up and down looking for better workspaces within Nairobi restaurants. We hoped one day  they would say, “Hey you’re here often, how about 20% off on your bill today🙄”

Do you know the feeling you get when you’re busy chasing gigs online, you’re a little broke but you still need to send a couple of emails and do reports and you’re seated in a restaurant and you just finished your coffee like an hour ago and the waiter just keeps staring at you? Well, it sucks! No more of that because we’ve been there and it can be draining emotionally, financially and easily deter you from focusing on what you are working on.

Why ToffeeTribe and not coworking spaces?

We will provide you with flexibility and freedom which we freelancers and remote workers thrive on. Here are the perks we offer:

  • Flexibility to work from different spaces under one membership.

Monday you have a meeting at Village market? We got you, Tuesday you feel like working a little further from your home, we got you sorted out.

  • Unlimited Coffee/Tea

Our partners have provided good quality, steamy hot black coffee/tea all-day while you work

  • Affordable prices.

We are doing almost 50% off until the end of February. Imagine that! For 750 a day you are assured to get a comfortable, quiet, reserved workspace from any of our locations

  • Menu discounts & offers

How does 20% off your bill sound to ya? Great eh?

Our members enjoy menu discounts and offer from our spaces. Each restaurant will have different menu discounts to offer

But how does it work?

You are just four steps away from ToffeeTribe check-in

  • Signup to create your account. From your account’s dashboard, you will be able to preview real-time spaces and seats available, photos and perks
  • Download ToffeeTribe App on play store (iOS soon come)
  • Visit your preferred available location, scan your QR code to check-in, choose any seat from ToffeeTribe reserved tables, plug in and get to work and don’t be shy, say hello to your neighbor

Be sure to show your check-in confirmation as proof of payment to the waiter serving you to access member benefits.

We don’t provide reservations. All seating is based on first, come first served, so we highly advise that you visit your preferred location early to avoid any inconveniences.

We look forward to providing you with freedom and fun as you cowork with the community of diverse and resourceful members😊


ToffeeTribe Team

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