Name: Imam Abubakar Olusola
Pronouns: He/Him
Current Job: Full-Stack Blockchain Developer
Current Location: Lagos, Nigeria
What does your remote company do?
SqaleUp is an upcoming remote company that I am currently working on with two other developers. The aim is to help brands and businesses improve by creating digital solutions like websites and applications that can bring their business idea to life digitally. Currently, I am working with three other companies, Frontal, Dotmg Studio and SkitCart, all interested in providing web and blockchain solutions that will help people.
 What led you to remote work?
Mostly, being convenient while working is of top priority to me and since I started working it has always been remote work no matter the type of project being done or the type of company I am working with. Me, I have always felt at my best while working remotely though there are some occasional downsides I have always loved it.
What are the biggest benefits of working remotely so far?
It comes with the freedom of being able to work from anywhere without the stress of waking up early in the morning to go to work or commuting to a specific work location just to get the job done, a job that I can get done easily at my own convenience. Another is the productivity it has provided me. I have always been productive while working at home and I have been able to meet deadlines because of it.
 What are the greatest challenges to working remotely?
Well, loneliness is a big one. Sometimes, I do not have much work to do and I find myself looking for someone to talk to (social media apart). Physical relationships is something I worked on this year and it seems to help because honestly, your relationship with your co-workers and online dev buddies can’t be considered strong because we are not interacting in person.
What gadgets, apps or websites can’t you work remotely without?
~ Notion: For planning my day and my work process..and also dropping random contents
~ GitHub: Not really for what everyone uses it for..most days, I find myself looking at other people’s codes to solve my own problems
~ Gitpod: It is a really lightweight online IDE, and I use it for code testing and implementations while feeling rest assured that even if my computer has an issue while working I can switch to another without stress.
~ WhatsApp/Slack: For team discussions..always needed
, Remote Work Cafe – With Imam Abubakar Olusola
Do you use co-working spaces? Which are the best ones?
Not really a fan though but I have been to a few. The work I do requires a great deal of concentration and for someone like me who gets easily distracted, I hardly use it. Mostly use it for networking with other interesting people and collaborations with developer communities.
 How do you stay connected with your local community?
I sometimes go to community events, visit the local mall, stores and restaurants and on my free days, take a stroll around the community.
 What’s the best way to find a remote job and do you have any job application tips?
Well, freelancing was the starter for me, and it shaped my career in an excellent way, so to remote job seekers out there if you are up for it, go into freelancing. I am a fan of contract work because I really don’t want to be dedicated to a single company so I usually look out for contract jobs available. A good place to start your job search outside of freelancing is and … to really get more serious jobs, try staying up to date on LinkedIn jobs and there might just be a good chance for you.
What advice would you give to someone considering going remote?
Well, just go for it. Though there are a few things that are important to keep in mind. For starters, it takes a lot of discipline to decide how and when to work. It is required to take breaks from time to time and daily exercise or walk-around would be nice considering you would be sitting in the same place for a long time.
There is also the social life aspect and that takes a lot of planning. And at every point in time, try giving yourself some motivation so you never lose sight of the fact that you have an ‘actual job’ and you have deadlines to meet.
Thanks for considering me for a feature in your blog, I really appreciate the opportunity.


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