This is how it works…


Choose your plan and pay

You can access ToffeeTribe any time with a day pass, weekly pass or a monthly pass See Pricing here


Pick any space near you

  • Filter available spaces and seats real time from your account dashboard.
  • Preview location pictures, amenities and offers
  • Select any workspace near you
  • Come alone or bring a friend to any of your selected space
How It Works, How it works


Welcome to ToffeeTribe, please enjoy your visit

  • Download ToffeeTribe App, scan Qr code to check-in upon arrival
  • Select your seat, plug-in and get to work
  • Ask for coffee/tea and offers listed in the location’s page i.e menu discounts or curated menus for ToffeeTribe members

Increased productivity

Collaboration Opportunities

Perks like unlimited coffee/tea

Diverse and flexible environment

How It Works, How it works